Multi-use recreational trails in the Southwest Regional Recreation Area
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Coal Canyon

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Trail Overview

Coal Canyon is a 61-mile multi-trail system that’s perfect for ATVs and Side by Sides. Located near Popular Gap Park in Buchanan County, the future plans of The Coal Canyon trails include over 100 miles of trail which will connect the town of Grundy to the town of Haysi. Riders can see each other from great distances, thanks to the large field of view you get from this repurposed coalfield. Plus, braided trails are underway where equestrian riders will have their own trails, but share intersections.

Coal Canyon is perfect for riders of all levels of expertise and skill. The system is rider-centric by design and family friendly, making it the perfect spot for a weekend of fun.  This system is also open to mountain bikes and hikers.

Trail Rules

  • Every rider and passenger must have a permit.
  • The Trail System is open from Daylight to Dark.
  • DOT or SNELL Helmets must be worn at all times by all riders.
  • NO DOUBLING except for machines designed for 2-up riding from the factory.
  • Annual permits shall be visible on left side of helmet.
  • Day Pass wristbands must be worn at all times.
  • Stay on designated trails – failure to do so will lead to arrest and will ruin all your fun.
  • Practice “Pack it in — Pack it out” Don’t Litter!
  • Ride only on trails within your ability. If you are not an experienced rider, stay off the black trails.
  • Absolutely NO alcohol or firearms are allowed on the trail at any time.
  • Download and read ALL the TRAIL RULES BELOW before riding.

Failure to comply with any of the Trail Rules could result in revocation of permit and/or civil fine.

Download ALL the Trail Rules

Need a permit?

Permits are required to access any of the Spearhead Trails system. Try us out and get a Day Pass for only $15.00 or get an affordable $50.00 Annual Permit and have access to all of the Spearhead Trails year-round!*

Permits are available at local retailers. Please remember that shopping local helps keep our economy strong, creates jobs and helps us build more trails. Click here for a list of retailers near our trail systems that sell permits.

* excludes trails that are closed for maintenance or service

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